1. Artesia



    Heritage Pointe Properties (HPP) was anxious for strategic council on marketing and communicating their newest community, Artesia.
    Past initiatives relied solely on traditional marcom tactics such as newsprint advertising with a heavy focus on product and stock imagery with a generalized tone to the copy to tell an engaging story that evidently fell flat.
    Traffic was stagnant in the community and a standstill builder lot sales.


    artesia_img1Anstice Communications conducted in-depth audience planning that revealed that HPP was trying to market to “too many types people”, uncovering the bulls-eye buyer as a “Suburban Socialite” who believe that her family “deserved it all”.
    The audience findings revealed the need for the redevelopment of all creative assets, including a revision of logo, copywriting, photography direction and visual treatment across print and digital advertisements, community signage and the community website. In addition marcom strategy that focused heavily on aspirational lifestyle channels favoured by the bulls-eye
    was implemented to include campaigns meant to engage the community and beyond. Such campaigns included tactics such as video development and promotion across multiple channels, strategic media planning and buying including advertorial art direction, and sales centre programming and events.

    Advertisements before Anstice Communications
    Advertisements before Anstice Communications



    Housing Market Study – Infographic

    There are many misconceptions about leaving an inner-city community in favour of one such as Artesia at Heritage Pointe. The Inner City vs. South East Calgary infographic visually demonstrates how South East Calgary communities give homeowners more value for their real estate dollar, while providing something to fit everyone’s unique lifestyle. The infographic was promoted through the Artesia website via a blog post and Facebook posts, showcased on housing blog websites, and promoted via digital advertisements (Facebook & Google).

  2. 81%
    increase in website traffic
    in earned media
    exceeded lot sales goals