1. Four Seasons
    Hotels & Resorts



    Increase market share in Canada for specific FSHR properties.



    Demonstrate the unique qualities that FSHR properties share in specific Canadian markets using a differentiating regional culinary theme. The events embodied symbiotic values, such as eating locally and seasonally, regional traditions and commitment to sustainability. Anstice developed partnerships with like-minded iconic restaurants in Canada to host an FSHR experience in each city, which would translate into occupancies.

    The partnerships were activated through collaborative and interactive dinner parties hosted at each restaurant partner, called “A Taste of Two Regions.” Media, influencers, FSHR enthusiasts and specific property guests were invited to attend the exclusive experience. Local chefs partnered with the FSHR chefs to recreate the cuisine found at the FSHR property with a local “spin.” The dinner series offered guests a limited time to visit the property with an exclusive price. The Canadian chefs were also invited to the FSHR properties to host their own interactive dinner party (simultaneously with the limited offer stay package ), with hotel guests, and those who attended the Canadian event. Social media was activated across all events in all markets to showcase FHSR’s commitment to and recognition of Canadian guests.


  2. 90%
    of guests booked the limited offer
    in audience reach
    in editorial value