Anstice Case Study

Three Sisters Mountain Village

Re-build brand equity in the 2,000-acre Rocky Mountain resort.

A fragmented past involving multiple ownership groups, a major shift in economic landscape and various development plans impacted consumer trust within Canmore and the surrounding area. After thorough audience planning—where we gathered unbiased insights into the past, present and future perceptions and desires of the resort plan—we developed, in tandem, a community engagement plan and destination marketing plan to support the developer in its aim to gain approval of a revised Area Structure Plan and drive value back into the destination’s brand. The nucleus of our omni-channel plan was an emotionally driven creative campaign that tapped into what audiences love about being in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

A robust content plan was envisioned that involved an “Adventurist in Residence,” “Community Concierge” and a social media campaign that encouraged Canmore residents to highlight exceptional people in the community.