Anstice Welcomes Public Relations Coordinator

Anstice Communications (Anstice), is delighted to announce the recent hire of its new Public Relations Coordinator, Kyla Zeniuk.

Although Kyla is new to her position at Anstice, she’s no stranger! Since first joining the team last summer, Kyla has interned at Anstice for two consecutive work experience terms through Mount Royal University (MRU). She is set to graduate from MRU this fall with a Bachelor of Communication Degree specializing in public relations. Before joining the agency world, Kyla had the opportunity to gain corporate communications experience, as well as manage social media for a number of nonprofit organizations. Kyla is thrilled to launch her career in PR at Anstice Communications!

As Public Relations Coordinator, Kyla will be responsible for developing and sharing content, coordinating press outreach, supporting media relations strategies for Anstice clients, developing and maintaining Anstice’s media network and generating consistent media coverage for Anstice clients. Welcome (back), Kyla!


Q&A with Kyla:

Why did you decide to work in communications?

I’ve always loved to write, and I think all the opportunities to connect with others, challenge the norm and share stories are pretty incredible. Whether it’s the industry or the media landscape, things change so quickly – there’s a level of pressure to hone in on your skills, stay in tune with what’s happening and think strategically. I like the challenge of that! Since gaining some agency PR experience, I’ve realized the media relations side of things is really my jam and what I’m passionate about pursuing.


We heard you are a coffee addict, where is your go-to spot to grab a cup of joe and why?

It’s a tie. Monogram in Altadore or Analog on 17th Ave! Monogram is such a pretty space, and Analog makes my favourite lattes in all of YYC. Monogram = lots of outlets, Anolog = open late. I’ve clearly given this some thought.


What is your favourite social media platform?

I’m all about the ‘gram!


You have interned at Anstice twice now – what’s been your favourite part about interning at Anstice?

The team! At Anstice, you’re not just “the intern.” It’s inspiring to be part of such a hardworking, supportive, talented group of women – not to mention, they’re hilarious.


Finally, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

Gosling, always.

New Client Announcement: The Nash and NOtaBLE

Anstice Communications is proud to welcome restaurants The Nash and NOtaBLE to the Anstice Family! Founder Michael Noble has been an icon in the Calgary food community for more than 7 years, serving high-quality dishes created using local ingredients. Both restaurants bring to Calgary comfort food in memorable settings. While NOtaBLE offers a wholesome, home-like atmosphere, The Nash offers an urban-spin on the famed NOtaBLE experience. Inspired by Michael Noble’s active involvement in the community and his emphasis on supporting local, Anstice is thrilled to be moving forward as Marketing Communications agency of record for The Nash and NOtaBLE.


The Nash website:


NOtaBLE website:


New Client Announcement: QuantumPlace Developments

Anstice Communications is excited to announce we are working with QuantumPlace Developments on strategic direction for Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) in Canmore, AB. Founded in 2012, QuantumPlace Developments continues to develop high quality and valued projects throughout the province. As it develops, TSMV will continue to become a cohesive residential community, an integral part of Canmore and a unique destination for visitors. Inspired by QuantumPlace Developments’ passion for projects that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, Anstice is delighted to be moving forward as their strategic marketing communications and creative partner.


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New Client Announcement: TORODE Realty Advisors Inc.

Anstice Communications is proud to announce our representation of TORODE Realty Advisors Inc. Established by John Torode in Calgary in 1973, TORODE Realty has enhanced Calgary’s  skyline with projects such as the luxurious ArriVa Tower and the City’s first boutique hotel, Hotel ARTS. Known for their visionary approach to art and design, TORODE is well-known for their unique developments throughout Calgary and Alberta. Inspired by TORODE’s continuous innovation,  Anstice is thrilled to will be moving forward as their strategic marketing communications and creative partner.


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Anstice Welcomes Media Relations & Content Specialist

Anstice Communications (Anstice), is delighted to announce the recent hire of its new Media Relations & Content Specialist, Meaghan Baxter.

Meaghan brings a wealth of media relations and content PR experience to her role, having spent the past five years working in journalism. She began as a Multimedia Reporter with the Sherwood Park – Strathcona County News before transitioning into alternative media with Vue Weekly, Edmonton’s independent newspaper, in early 2012. Meaghan started out as the publication’s Staff Writer and worked her way up to Managing Editor within two years. Her time in journalism has allowed her to establish connections and experience within sectors such as hospitality, music, arts and entertainment, fashion and more. She looks forward to launching the next chapter of her career with Anstice Communications.

As Media Relations & Content Specialist Meaghan will be responsible for building content across all mediums, supporting media relations strategies for Anstice clients, developing and maintaining Anstice’s media network and generating consistent media coverage for Anstice’s clients. Welcome, Meaghan!


Q&A with Meaghan:

Why did you decide to work in communications?

    • I’ve worked in print journalism for the past five years, and I wanted to find a new way to utilize the variety of skills I’ve gained through that. I’m always looking to learn and grow professionally, and I felt communications would be a great way to do that.

We heard that you are a photographer; what inspired you to get into photography?

  • I’ve been doing photography for about nine years now, and I’ve always been inspired by the impact an image can have on the viewer. Photography provides a creative outlet for me, whether it’s a conceptual shoot, a portrait session, or even shooting a concert.

What is your favourite social media platform?

  • Instagram

What excites you the most about moving to Calgary?

  • I lived in Calgary for two years while I completed my journalism diploma at SAIT, and I loved my time here. I’ve always wanted to move back, so I’m looking forward to rediscovering the city.

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

  • Ryan Gosling, hands down.

New Client Announcement: ROYOP Development Corporation

Anstice Communications is proud to announce our representation of ROYOP Development Corporation. Established over 40 years ago, this Calgary based company created the first enclosed mall in western Canada in 1972! With a focus on innovation, top-quality commercial and retail centres in Alberta, ROYOP has seen great success in the ever-changing commercial real estate world. Inspired by ROYOP’s experience and their dedication to making every one of their developments unique, Anstice will be moving forward as their strategic marketing communications and creative partner.



New Client Announcement: Dolly Varden Outdoor Clothing

Anstice Communications would like to welcome Dolly Varden Outdoor Clothing to the Anstice family! Dolly Varden is a great Canadian based company, successfully implementing the fine line between technical outdoor clothing, with the day-to-day, fashionable lifestyle. Already making waves in the Canadian and US retail markets, this young company founded in 2013, has already seen great success with their online presence, especially with their Instagram: @dollyvardenoc. Securing a niche in fashionable, adventure ready clothing, Anstice Communications couldn’t be more excited to be involved with Dolly Varden for strategic oversight and public relations for a local, outdoor brand. The future looks bright for Dolly Varden and we proud to be a part of it.




Anstice Communications Launches ‘Anstice Loves Local’ Campaign

Leading marketing communications agency commences initiative to support local businesses in economic downturn

CALGARY (November 7, 2016) – Today Anstice Communications (Anstice) announced the launch of its ‘Anstice Loves Local’ campaign to coincide with Calgary Economic Development and Tourism Calgary’s recently launched #LoveYYC initiative. As a Calgary-based company composed of proud native Calgarians and Calgarians at heart, Anstice set out to celebrate the amazing people, places and moments that define Calgary.

Anstice understands that Calgary is a changing environment, one where entrepreneurship and innovation thrives. As Anstice has grown, it has proudly witnessed other local businesses thrive both at home and outside of Alberta’s borders. ‘Anstice Loves Local’ emerged out of Anstice’s desire to support and collaborate with more local and Alberta-based businesses to continue to reach new heights together.

“There is tremendous depth in the creative industry in Calgary,” said Sheenah Rogers, CEO and Founder, Anstice Communications. “During these transformative years in the Alberta economy we at Anstice believe in the authenticity and importance in maintaining local roots and displaying pride in our province. I have recently witnessed so many Alberta-based blue-chip companies hire Ontario or British Columbia-based creative agencies and I challenge companies, both large and small, to look inward.”

Recognizing the constantly changing environment, Anstice recently evolved its business model from a purely public relations agency into a fully integrated strategic marketing communications business. Anstice offers in-house creative services, one on one business consultation, audience planning and research, social and digital expertise and marketing communication workshops.

Anstice has had the pleasure of working with companies from all over the world, but continues to maintain its focus in Alberta. As part of the ‘Anstice Loves Local’ campaign, Anstice is calling on local and Alberta-based businesses to connect and learn more about the unique service offering committed to supporting like-minded businesses.

To learn more about the campaign and incentives, please visit

About Anstice Communications:

Founded in 2009, Anstice Communications (Anstice) has become one of the country’s leading integrated communications companies. Anstice activates brand through earned, owned and paid content to build relationships with target audiences in the environments they live. Anstice’s experience spans a multitude of industries through work with companies such as Starbucks, Los Cabos Tourism, Calgary Stampede, National Hockey League, Dream Real Estate, Government of British Columbia, Travel Alberta, Remy Martin, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Neal’s Yard Remedies and many more.

For more information:

Alisha Samnani
Director, Public Relations
Anstice Communications
Cell: (403) 554-9757

TV 101

I love TV. My career has stemmed from it and as a strategic director that comes from a traditional medium now surrounded by a world of instantaneous gratification mediums, I’m here to remind you of its relevance. People continue to have profound memories of how a video/film/moment in a television/commercial has affected them; and it is this emotive connectivity that both brands and consumers are seeking.


Whenever people question the power of video or television, I always ask them what their favorite TV moment or commercial is. I have yet to have a blank stare as a response to this question. Every person polled has always had a story to tell; their eyes light up as they remember moments stemming all the way back to early childhood.


In recent years, the use of TV has changed pretty substantially. It was a medium consumed in isolation, with viewers watching through commercials and waiting for scheduled programming to dictate their life. They had to watch commercials and wait for half hours or hours to change. Now the viewer is in the driver’s seat – scanning through, recording, choosing a la carte cable packages and often consuming TV along with their smartphone or tablet. When considering the medium in your marketing matrix here are a few golden rules for using the “New TV”:


  • A small percentage of the population are actually using PVR: Although to some of us it may be a surprise, the vast majority of consumed television is still conventional. Most people (believe it or not), turn the TV on and quite simply watch it, commercials and all. Under 25 per cent of viewers use a PVR and under 25 per cent of that number actually scroll through commercials!


Many of those who use PVR, stop for commercials that they feel are pertinent to them or that catch their eye: The 30 second spot is not, in fact, dead but rather consumed purposefully as content that applies to their life or catches their eye.


  • LIVE, LIVE and more LIVE: Live sports and live events (awards) are the two fastest growing properties within the realm of TV. Live sports and events will possibly never be replaced, regardless of streamability online. Viewers consistently build their life around the game schedule or the Grammys just as they have for years.


  • Find a way to get your brand into existing content: If you simply can’t fathom the thought of someone potentially scanning over your expensive 30 second spot – how can you fit your brand into the actual show content? The simple answer is PR. It allows for show sponsorships, attaches your brand to existing programming content, solidifies product placement, puts your brand in the hand of your favourite personality and leverages network marketing channels (i.e. social media).


  • On that note…offer additional and supplemental content in social/digital to compliment your TV effort: TV no longer operates in a silo just as every other tactic in the Marketing 2.0 world. As people watch and consume television, they are typically paired with at least one device – a smartphone or tablet as the most likely counterparts. To maximize your TV effort, be sure that your messaging and your campaign materials integrate into other mediums to establish a complimentary experience.


In short, as media changes, the way in which we consume media has to change. There is room for every medium but the question remains, which is the best media in which to target your customer and when? This question adds an interesting dynamic to strategic planning as well as an exciting challenge to try to discover new ways to tell your brand’s story. Whatever you do and whichever medium you use, be sure to always tell a great story.


– Megan Rokosh, Vice President